3. Getting started

Upon starting the app on your device, both the L’ART Research Client app and a terminal window will open.

Figure XX - L’ART Research Client home screen

Screenshot of completing the L'ART Research Client Terminal

Fig. 3.1 L’ART Research Client Terminal

The terminal window prints out information that might be helpful with troubleshooting and should not be closed (the app will freeze/become unresponsive if the terminal window is closed).

When you close the app, the terminal will also close automatically.

However, if you close the terminal, the main app window will not close automatically.

On the app home screen, you will see the list of available tasks in the centre of your app, and a side menu containing several options, some of which are context-dependent. For example, the side menu contains options for Discarding Attempts, Collecting Consent, Unlocking the App, Exporting Data, App Settings and a dialogue providing information about the app.

These options are described in the linked sub-sections of the documentation.