Welcome to the L’ART Research Client documentation!

The L’ART Research Client is a freely available open-source app that aids researchers in the collection, storage and transfer of data for research in bilingualism and language attitudes, especially in cases of bilinguals who speak a majority language and a regional / minority / minoritized language. This documentation is for version 0.4.1.

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  • Fieldwork-ready — use the included versions of the LSBQe, AToL, MGT, and digital informed consent forms, or make your own versions.

  • Reproducible — make your research reproducible by simply sharing version information.

  • Extensible — contribute with JSON, Python, HTML and JavaScript or import the backend in your own Python project.

  • Free and open — dual-licensed under the AGPLv3 and the EUPL.

  • Cross-platform — runs on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.


If you use the L’ART Research Client (or parts of it), please cite the following document:

Breit, F., Tamburelli, M., Gruffydd, I. and Brasca, L. (2023). The L’ART Research Client: A digital toolkit for bilingualism and language attitude research [Software, version 0.4.1]. Bangor University.