5. Roadmap

The below roadmap should give an idea of what features and enhancements to the L’ART Research Client that we envision and plan to implement in the future. It also gives some idea of the various stages at which we would like to implement these — though these are not necessarily set in stone and may be adjusted as our available development time (and demand for the features) dictates.

The main purpose of this roadmap is for us as a development team to be able to visualise where we are heading, what we want to achieve, and how we might go about that, but we explicitly choose to make it public here also so that our users and collaborators can get a sense for where things might be heading — and of course have a chance to influence that.

If you would like to dicuss any of the planned enhancements or additional ideas you have, we would very much welcome your input via the Ideas section on GitHub Discussions.


Research Tasks


Data Management



  • Participant Notes

  • Modularisation of task versions

  • Pydantic backend

  • JSON Schemas


  • SPIN Test


  • More export options

  • In-app data synching

  • FastAPI


  • HeLeX and/or LSBQ-H

  • LSBQ for children

  • A simple BG Questionnaire

  • Option to run online