Source code for research_client.lsbq.versions

"""Version implementations and translations for the LSBQe."""
import logging
import json
from importlib import resources
from typing import Any

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def _get_versions() -> dict[str, dict[str, Any]]: """Loads all available LSBQe versions into memory.""" versions: dict[str, dict[str, Any]] = {} for item in resources.contents(__name__): if resources.is_resource(__name__, item) and item[-5:] == ".json" and item[0] != "_": with resources.open_text(__name__, item) as fp: buf = json.load(fp) if "meta" in buf and "versionId" in buf["meta"]: versions[buf["meta"]["versionId"]] = buf else: logger.error( f"Resource '{__name__}/{item}' is missing key 'meta.versionId'." ) return versions
versions = _get_versions()